Brown Paper Tickets

The fair-trade ticketing company.

I’ve been waiting for this to be available in New Zealand for a couple of years now, and the beta version just went live this week. BrownPaperTickets gives you a viable option if you want to avoid the high ticketing fees that Ticketek and TicketDirect charge. The best options for a New Zealand show seem to be either have them print all your tickets and send them to you (this seems to be super cheap! though shipping would be a bit and you’d have to allow a fair bit of time as I think the US Postal service sometimes deliver via canoe), or your customers can print their own tickets (I haven’t wrapped my head around how you make sure no one abuses this system yet).

I’m not entirely sure how they deal with giving you your money after the event. They say they’ll send a check, which you can totally deposit in an NZ bank account, but it takes about 6 weeks to clear.

I haven’t had a chance to use this service yet, but I’d love to hear from anyone who does. And I’ll update when I use it myself.

Beta BrownPaperTickets


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