Indiegogo – Crowdfunding

“A collaborative way to fund ideas.”

Indiegogo is a good option for New Zealand filmmakers to crowdsource a portion of your funding, build an audience and community for your project, and to presell your DVD’s. 

What you do:

  1. Pick an amount you want to raise and what it’s for. Be realistic. Better to do several small amounts that go for your whole budget.
  2. Decide how long you want to fundraise for, anywhere up to 4 months.
  3. Post your project, links to your site, video, stills, anything that shows you are talented and that this film is going to get made whether you get help or not.
  4. Be really creative about what people get if they donate, and how much each is worth. DVD’s are standard, but good. T-shirts. Associate producer credit. Have a look at other projects to get ideas and tailor them to suit your project.
  5. And then the BIG challenge is to get word out there. Put a link on your website. Put it on facebook. Tell your friends and family. Then be creative.  The project won’t just fund itself. Maybe towards the end more strangers will jump onboard if they like the look of your project, but you’ll have to do most of the selling.

I’ve seen a lot of filmmakers offer little bits of this and that for sale, t-shirts on their website, auctioning a role in their movie on TradeMe, but what crowdfunding sites do is tie it all together so you can raise money for a part of your production. Though chances are you are going to have to find additional avenues to fund your film, crowdfunding can be good for a small portion, or a particular item you need (camera, post production sound, etc) If you don’t reach your goal on indiegogo then you pay a 9% fee, and if you DO it’s only 4%. Oh, and Paypal may take a cut of 2-3%.

Hook, Line & Sinker is an example of a New Zealand project that is crowd funding though Indiegogo. At the time of writing they only had $200 towards their $12,000 goal with 53 days left to fund raise. Browse other projects, especially ones that have been successful and see how dynamic their funding page is, and what they are offering as incentive to fund.

I’ll most likely use Indiegogo for my next project. Let me know how it works for you.


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