Createspace – DVD self-publishing

create. collaborate. distribute.

I find myself ridiculously taken by CreateSpace. I just love the idea that anyone can get their work published professionally and then sell it to anyone almost anywhere in the world.

CreateSpace is a self-publishing option for books, CD’s and DVD’s. I’ve used it for An Evening With Richard O’Brien and found it all pretty straight forward.

You send them your DVD and artwork, they make a proof and send it to you (complete with barcode), and then you decide your price and can list it on And once it’s on Amazon, you can add it to your IMDb profile. Very cool.

You make more if you you lead people to the listing of your DVD on your CreateSpace site (not Amazon, this makes no sense, isn’t CreateSpace owned by Amazon?). Oh, though they do DVD on Demand this isn’t an option if your DVD is PAL. That kinda sucks, I mean really, how hard would it be?

They do take a huge chunk of the profits. My DVD is listed for $17.99 and I get $4.94 of that. And they only pay out when your account reaches $20. Obviously finding a distributor is preferable, but if you want to sell a copy of your short films, or you have an older project that you’d like to have available for your die-hard fans to collect (haha – I wish :)) then this might be a good option.



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