El Cosmonaut

A Film Project by Riot Cinema Collective

“A Sci-Fi movie that uses crowdfunding and Creative Commons licenses. It will be distributed through the internet, DVD, TV and cinema at the same time, creating an experience

I’m really floored by what these guys are doing. Based in Spain they have created a new model for film making that seems almost perfect. Their website is excellent (and bilingual), the transparency in their production is enticing, they have crowdfunding, a timeline that shows the development of their project, videos of their team that are appealing and exciting, I’m so impressed with the whole package.

If you’re looking for ideas for how to market your film this site is a must. There haven’t been many films that I have been inspired to contribute to their crowdfunding efforts, but this was definitely one. They have very cool things available in their shop http://shop.thecosmonaut.org/products For just 2 euros you become a ‘Producer’. This is from their site:

What does being a producer include? (*please see update at bottom of post)

  • Your name appears in the movie’s credits
  • We’ll send you a certificate with a few small gifts
  • You’ll be entered into the prize draw for one of our authentic cosmonaut suits

That is great thinking. I’m sold, which is a bit odd because honestly, what would I ever do with an authentic cosmonaut suit, except make a sci fi movie, which is EXACTLY what I’ll do if I win. Promise!

*Update: They’ve changed this offer now. Apparently sometime soon after I paid for the the producer pack they decided it was no longer financially viable to send them out unless you purchased something else from their store. They also no longer send ‘a few small gifts’ but just 1 badge. I understand the change, but IMO it would have been good marketing to honor the previous offer to those who purchased it. Just sayin’


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