A collaborative film production platform

I’m kinda loving Wreckamovie at the moment. The basic premise is filmmakers can crowdsource elements of their production. Music. Artwork. Crew. Ideas. Whatever. It’s kind of fun to see what other people are doing, and actually find that there are people you can quite easily help. I’ve passed on a few pieces of original music, and also recommended some composers who aren’t in the habit of pushing their product but who will benefit from having their music as part of a movie soundtrack.

Initially the name a is a little off-putting but Wreckamovie was created by the filmmakers from Finland who made the feature Star Wreck. They then decided to create a free platform that would allow other filmmakers to easily crowdsource their own movies. They also like to claim they are “wrecking the traditional model of filmmaking”. Okay, sounds like a good afterthought. 🙂

One thing to note is that if you submit a file (“shot”) it seems you are thereby giving permission for the project to use the materials or ideas royalty-free, so might be good to make it clear if you have terms you’d like to have them agree to first.

Wreckamovie sounds to me like both a great tool to get your film made, and to help other indie filmmakers!!


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