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Hospice Recreate – Fashion Over a Teacup

Part of the Cambridge Autumn Festival, Fashion Over a Teacup features an exciting new section ‘Recreate with Hospice Shops’ where participants are invited to create a garment with the core item purchased from one of our Hospice shops.

My main garment was a red polar fleece jacket, and I found fleece of every colour of the rainbow to create my garment, which came third in the Streetware section.

My second entry was made from a dress and men’s shirts. Not being a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination I enjoyed working out how to use the sewing machine to ‘glue’ pieces of fabric together to create a new garment.

Isabella entered the Creative section and won second in that category and third overall. She is the seamstress.




Trees at the Meteor: Christmas Time

Trees at the Meteor is “the wearable arts of the Christmas tree circuit”. Every year the Meteor is filled with 60 plus trees of all styles, sizes and materials. Recycled, painted, glued, woven, tied, or moulded, the event attracts creators from all over the Waikato, resulting in an eclectic collection of trees that is dazzling and definitely worth a look each December.

Though I hadn’t visited the collection before, this year I decided to enter three trees.

Mini tree: Highly commended at Trees at the Meteor 2017. 
Wire, found watches, photo frame, and jewellery, tin foil and copper seed lights.

Silverdale Normal: Collaborative tree

This year Silverdale Normal Primary School submitted their first entry. I constructed a “tree’ from donated bamboo, recycled chicken wire, shipping wood, and old Christmas lights, and each child from the school made an ornament to decorate the tree. Materials ranged from old light bulbs, meat trays, cardboard tubing, old yarn, used CDs, ice block sticks, shipping bags, to old Christmas baubles. The children were very proud of their work and enjoyed seeing the tree gain colour and interest as the ornaments were added.

Taumata Monday Guides: Gadget tree

Gadgets and community engagement are an important part of Girl Guiding all over the world. Guide gadgets are constructed from sticks and string, and provide useful tools during Guide camps such as washing lines, wash bowl stands, and rubbish holders, while allowing girls to practice their knot tying. The gadget made for the Trees at the Meteor event positions a billy over a fire and also provides a platform to rest cups or utensils. During their weekly unit meeting, the girls each made several ‘swaps’, small gifts that are exchanged at a Guide Jamboree. These were strung around the gadget, with an additional bowl of swaps available for visitors to the Meteor to take as souvenirs.

Penny Black Movie

Penny Black is a road trip movie about a materialistic model who goes on the road to save her job and ends up questioning what she really wants out of life. Made in part to inform my practice-led PhD thesis, it was a hugely challenging project but also tremendous fun to make. It is now available to view on NZ Film.

Starring: Astra McLaren, Anton Tennet, Toni Garson, with Cameron Rhodes, Sasha Nixon, Morgan Albrecht.

Directed by Joe Hitchcock, co-written by Fiona Jackson and Joe Hitchcock, produced by Fiona Jackson.



Lapwing (2015) was made as part of our feature film, Penny Black. We needed a superhero for one of our leads to emulate, so to avoid copyright infringement we created our own. Based on all the bad superhero flicks of the 70s and 80s, Lapwing is a hero with none of the super and all of the cliche. Following in his father’s footsteps, Lapwing is on a mission to right wrongs, and fight for the little guy. Excerpts from the short were incorporated into Penny Black, and one of the main characters dressed as Lapwing throughout the film.

Girl Guide Peg dolls for Meals on Wheels

One of my favourite things to do with the Guides is making crafts. They always impress me with their abilities and creativity. Using old scraps of fabric and wool, the girls made a such an adorable collection of peg people they found it hard to give them away. The dolls were given to YMCA Mobile Meals to be passed on to their clients when they delivered their meals. They reported that they brought smiles to a lot of faces, which we loved to hear. It’s moments like this that make being a Guide leader really worthwhile.

Girl Guide Art fundraiser

One part of being a Girl Guide is funding raising for charities, and recognising people who do exceptional things in the community, so our unit decided to fundraiser for the SPCA, and also make a collaborative gift for the organisation.

The girls were provided with a sheet of ideas for inspiration, and each girl designed their own animal on mini canvases with oil pastels. I traced the images and collaged them onto a larger canvas, colouring them with the pastels.

The mini canvases were later ‘sold’ to friends and family members at an in-unit ‘auction’, and the money was donated to the SPCA, along with the art work and collected donations of pet food and toys.

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – The videos

A PAL version of this show is available for purchase at Createspace or Amazon

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 1

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 2

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 3

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 4

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 5

Richard O’Brien performing “Pokerekere Ana”

Produced and Directed by Fiona Jackson