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What’s your Klout in the social media world?

Do you wonder what kind of reach you really have in social media? How well are you doing compared with other people? What you are doing right, or if you’re really not reaching anyone past your closest friends and family?
Well I just came across the site Klout which links to all your social media sites (Twitter, G+, youtube, facebook, etc) and tells you how you’re doing. I’m not doing that great, I discovered. Currently sitting on a Klout score of 11 out of a possible 100 (which youtube has achieved).  It tells you what kind of participant you are (I’m an Observer… really?), and it gives you hints on how to expand your reach. I have no idea how accurate this all is, but apparently some businesses are using it to head hunt people who are big in the social media scene, so I guess there must be some value in it.

I might spend a week actually engaging with people on facebook and twitter just to see if it makes any difference.

Let me know if you sign up with Klout, and what you think of your score!



So in two days my Klout score rose to 51. I spent a little more time on twitter, and engaging in various other social media sites, but not THAT much. I suspect that the statistics from facebook take a few days to come through and this accounts for the 40 point jump. Though 11 sounded a bit low, 51 seems a bit high…


An Evening With Richard O’Brien – The videos

A PAL version of this show is available for purchase at Createspace or Amazon

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 1

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 2

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 3

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 4

An Evening With Richard O’Brien – Part 5

Richard O’Brien performing “Pokerekere Ana”

Produced and Directed by Fiona Jackson

Ten ways to keep me as your Facebook friend

Okay, this is a completely self-serving post that I wrote for a local mag, but I can’t wait for it to be posted.

It’s amazing how Facebook has become such an essential part of our lives. Even after watching The Social Network and realizing what a total jerk Zuckerberg is, and really wanting to quit Facebook, I can’t. However, I’ve been noticing my interest in Facebook waning lately and I suspect it may have something to do with the standard of my friends recent updates, their friends’ responses, etc., so as I can’t divorce myself from Facebook I’m making a list of self-serving guidelines. Of course, you don’t have to heed my advice. I can always deface you.

1. Don’t be boring. I don’t really want to know exactly what you are doing at this very moment, unless it’s fascinating or hilarious. And I do not want to see photos of your meals.

2. Don’t vague-book. A status of “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” is just annoying, and I don’t care what you are talking about on principle.

3. Don’t post about your intimate personal life, unless it’s funny.

4. Don’t diss people, you’ll regret it, one way or another. Unless they really deserve it.

5. If you ‘like’ a video one of those new auto-like thingies, unlike it immediately! Geez!

6. Don’t ask me to join anything unless you know I will want to. If you don’t know me well enough to be sure, then just don’t.

7. Poking? Seriously? Don’t.

8. Don’t tag me in ugly photos of myself.

9. Don’t ‘friend’ me unless I know you, or should know you, or might like you, or you’re hot. And single.

10. Don’t take me seriously when it’s completely obvious I’m joking. Really, until there’s a sarcasm font, just imagine I’m using it. Except for the list above. Dead serious about all that. :p